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Rockstar Unlimited
@Rockstar at the Park - Parc de la Barceloneta
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Rockstar Unlimited

Rockstar Unlimited is our monthly periodic training program, which takes place on the beach in Barceloneta. We take our Rockstars through different training cycles. The content of these programs changes over time. There are periods which focus on strength, others on metabolic conditioning, hypertrophy, or running technique. We rotate our training cycles to keep our Rockstars educated, motivated, and continuously progressing. We hope to see you soon at Rockstar Playa! 

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  • Monday till Friday:
    6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, 6PM & 7PM

  • Saturday: 
    8AM, 9AM & 10AM

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  • Guided Outdoor trainings

  • Materials: Kettlebells, rings, battle ropes
    and the whole Parc de la Barceloneta 

  • 60 minutes each

  • Warm up - Technique - Workout - Stretching

  • All levels of fitness are welcome!

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  • Access to an international community

  • More than 20 nationalities

  • Competitions, social-get-togethers, beach activities, seminars, friends for life.

  • Yearly ski and surf trip.

  • Once a Rockstar, always a Rockstar

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  • 1 class - €15 (if you continue to train with us, we discount this €15 from your chosen membership, not automatic)

  • 5 pack - €55 (valid 2 months)

  • 10 pack - €90 (valid 4 months)

  • ​Unlimited - €82 (Monthly payment)

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