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30-day online bootcamp for €40

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  • 30 trainings (Receive a workout every day)

  • HIIT, Strength & Conditioning, Yoga and Mobility

  • Only bodyweight or with equipment

  • 45-60 minutes each

  • Guaranteed endorphin boost


"Rockstar Remedy is keeping me sane and healthy during the quarantine”"


"A lot of training, but the combo with mobility and yoga is great. Trainers all rock!!"


"Price/quality ratio is insane!!"

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  • Instructional videos of every workout

  • Daily access to a live stream training

    • Optional to join this live training​

  • 24/7 online coaching

  • Recovery trainings


"Videos are super clear and the live streams are really motivating! I hate burpees though..."

"They always know how to motivate you. I'm for sure doing the 2.0 program too"

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  • Nutrition tips

  • Remedy Cookbooks 

  • Abs are made in the kitchen!

  • Refill those energy stores

Rockstar Love

"The recipes are so tasty! It's not always as pretty as on the picture though haha, but that's probably me"

"Food is my fuel for happiness. I do eat a piece of chocolate every day"